To which needs of foundries Casculate is going to meet and how?

Rising material and energy costs, increasing international competition, the demographic change and a defragmenting market – mainly driven by the transformation within the automotive industry – demand a much more precise management than ever before. This range of challenges shows a selection of factors that are shaking our VUCA world and require a significantly more precise process control. And the metal casting foundries are in the center of this thunderstorm. 

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt
Successful pricing is one of the key success factors for industrial companies and often determines profit or loss. The strong product cost calculation is mostly based on individual expert knowledge, reflecting the holistic production processes. Information gained from the production environment is continuously incorporated into decision-making, and it is often the case that software has to be used manually by an expert. The time-consuming evaluation of all aspects and cost drivers can lead to possible causes of manual errors, not to mention the absence of the knowledge carriers.
CASCULATE solves this challenge by a unique approach of linking customer data and company-specific information with a dedicated artificial intelligence. By using state-of-the-art technologies, a toolbox has been created which not only makes offer calculation faster and more efficient but can also reflect reality in a process-safe manner by integrating actual production data. The unique architecture of the software solution ensures that the calculation framework of each industrial company corresponds to the individual environment and the specific parameters. This environment is based exclusively on the dedicated framework parameters and data of the individual company, in addition to the general domain knowledge of the manufacturing industry. 

Customer requirements from drawings, specifications and 3D data are automatically analyzed and processed using state-of-the-art machine learning approaches. Thanks to Casculate's expert system, even untrained employees can produce highly reliable product calculations - and in the shortest possible time.

Source: Casculate

By using Casculate, a considerably faster and more precise interaction with customers in the industrial environment is possible. Quotations can be submitted within the shortest possible time, significantly increasing the success rate of a new order.

That is CASCULATE - calculation of castings.

Casculate, Simon W Geib 5 Mai, 2023
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